Monday, March 2, 2009

Admiring from afar..

The other day at Disneyland they had these paintings on display..The first three I would love to have the whole collection..however 500.00 a pop...yipes. But you pay for great art..Looks like it will be Litho's for me.

You really can't tell how great they really are until seeing in person. They are done by Jimmy Pickering. I love his stuff. It is so bold and colorful and imginative.

These are from It's a Small World.

Here are a couple tiki ones I like.. Not by Jimmy Pickering but another artist whom I didn't catch the name.


Holly said...

those are amazing! can you get the lithos online or only at d-land? how perfect would they be for a nursery!? hmmmmmm.....

Iris said...

Yes. google him and he has stuff for sale..jimmy pickering! I can always pick you up stuff too now that I am a passport holder...the copies are 35.00 a piece