Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saturday at Disneyland

So now that we are annual passport holders we took advantage and went to Disneyland for one last Saturday before the summer and spring craziness.
I was pretty hung over and really Disneyland was not sounding to good..just to make it through I had to have a bloody mary before I went in just to get me by and it worked..but than I got tricked into going on the grizzly rapid ride at Cal Adventure and got SOAKED. I was wet, and cold the whole time..I had to break down and by me a sweater at Disneyland..Lame..well I kinda like it so It is not too lame..

Anyway it was pretty funny cause I got a call from Vickie and she was saying "well you may have plans already but her and Josh were thinking on going up to Disneyland (they bought passports a couple days after us) and if you want to join us" and I was like No way were hear already so we met up with them and took the babies on a few rides..It was fun

Now don't tell me Gabe looks like he may have a hang over too in this picture. We were on the Disneyland Railroad

Gabe and Josh and Ava and Evie

The Girls

The daddy's holding the girls in line for It's a Small World

I don't know where this picture came from actually...I think it was on one of the rides

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