Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love you Man!

Last night was a late night for me. My company did some product placement( Vespa) for the new upcoming feature I love you man and we got 4 invites for the big Hollywood Movie Premier. My boss gave the invites to Holly and myself. I took Gabe and Holly took our neighbor Toni since her husband could not make it. It was a blast. I didn't bring my camera with me but Holly did so I will blog later with our red carpet and celeb photos later once she sends me a copy of her photos.
It was nice being part of the glitter-rotti for an evening having paparazzi taking snap shots. It was so cool Ben Stiller was like 1 foot away from us! I will blog in more detail so stay posted.
Click this link to see some of the stars that we saw there

I got invited to another movie private screening tonight for a movie Drew Barrymore produced and she will be there but I can't make this one since I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning and need to pack for 5 days! Holly drove me to work this morning so she can take me to the John Wayne Airport at noon so I can get my rental car. ( I don't like to add the miles on my own car so I always rent for trips to Vegas)

Anyway Go see I LOVE YOU MAN. It is soo funny we were cracking up the whole time..see the trailer below.

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