Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Eaten's

I made my first batch of organic homemade baby food for Ava. I made sweet potatoes and she LOVED it. I tasted it myself to in comparison with jar food and it really does so much better! It was a little sweeter and thicker not bland and watery..she did really well eating it. She had her mouth open to get more spoonfuls.
I am going to growers direct to stock up on a bunch of organic fruits and veggies and some ice cube trays tomorrow. Think I may do bananas for breakfast to mix with a little bit of her single grain rice cereal. I am only giving her small doses though ..don't want to get too crazy!


Ally said...

Mmmm...she already love yams way more than I do. Awww...she is too precious!

Thelma said...

Great idea to make homeade food for babies. It's got to be healthier for them. Aww she looks so cute!