Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Make -UP

So when I went to Sephora last weekend in Vegas I fell in LOVE with the Kat Von D make-up line. The colors are awesome! I bought the color palette below, and some sparkling white eyeliner and a shimmery Burgundy liquid eye liner as well. I need to go back and get me a a few of her lipsticks, some more eye shadows and some of her make-up brushes!


Tikimama said...

Didn't know she had a makeup line.... What does white eyeliner look like on? And how expensive are her products? Show us some pics when you try out a new look with these new buys!

Iris said...

Her makeup line is not Too bad. It is in the moderate pricing range. For example I paid 35.00 for the eye shadow and 17.00 for the eyeliner. I will post pictures up soon with the eye makeup. I usually use the white eyeliner to higlight the corners of my eyes for a more opened eye brighter look.