Monday, March 15, 2010

Kelsey Turns 4!!

It was a very party filled weekend for us and just the beginning of many party filled weekends to follow.
We celebrated Little Cousin Kelsey's 4th birthday Saturday afternoon at Pump it up.
Pump it up was a very cool place where you can have a whole room filled of inflatable jumpers of all sorts, video games and toys all to yourself and guests.
We all waited in the lobby for all the guests to arrive The kids were having lots of fun with the bubblegum machines and everyone had superballs bouncing all over the lobby
It was finally time to round up the troops for a little briefing of the rules
We also had the guest of honor tell everyone how old she was today..
Ok Line in up and into the play area
The slide seemed to everyone's favorite
Parker going down the slide
This was One really fast slide
Here come the little cars .this was a big hit too
Kelsey was having fun pushing little brother Johnny around in the car. He fell through the bottom at one point but it didn't phase him at all. The attendants were quick to the rescue.
Ava went to check out the Obstacle course..
She made it !!!!
She really liked it so much instead of coming out she turned around and went back inside
I had to send daddy back inside to rescue her out
Then Parker took her on the slide...she really liked it
Little Johnny was really unsure about going on anything but finally he seemed a little interested on getting on that slide. Dad took him up there and I tried to get a shot of them going down but My camera really sucks but I did manage to get the smile on his face afterwards
After the first ride he was ready for more. The two dads with the kids all went down at the same time. My battery was dying and the flash was not working all the time. I wish this picture had come out better.
Ava finally got her turn on the cars
Parker trying new techniques for going down the slide
Roaming around
The little ones were officially digging the bounce houses now.
Play time was over and now it was time for food and cake! But first one last picture of all the kids!!
Another great Rossmor birthday cake. I took like Half of it home!
Pre party room shot before everyone came in
Kelsey got a very special inflatable birthday crown to wear.
All the kids were taking turns sitting in the throne
This is the look of Calgon take me away!!!!!
We had so much fun and most important Kelsey had the time of her life! Happy Birthday Kelsey!

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

haha, cute! Dont let go of that Balloon Ava!!!