Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My favorite Toys

When Parker was young I bought him SOOOO many toys and I find now he does not really appreciate toys to often. Maybe it is because he is constantly surrounded by them. He never really ever asks for toys and never has something that he REALLLLY wants so I am thinking maybe all this toys shopping Gabe and I did for him was really to fill a void of the stuff we DIDN'T have has children.

I been keeping the toy shopping down with Ava. Well I admit I been buying her dolls and stuffed animals but she has no interest in them. I also been buying collectible barbies so I can hand them down to her at some point if she decides to start a collection. She really only has interest in one toys which by my luck I just happen to collect. Vintage Fisher Price Little people sets!

She always has a complete blast playing with the little people. She sets up the doll house with furniture and places her little people in the seats and puts them in the vehicles and makes car noises as she drives them around. It is pretty funny really.
I have a garage full of the play sets..I have the castle,the hospital, farm,school,park,McDonald's,fire house, village,camper,marina,sesame street, western town, amusement park etc... all ranging from the 60's through the 80's.
She spends hours just being creative and playing with these sets.
It is pretty funny too cause even Parker and his friends will steer away from the video games from time to time to build a big compound of fisher price little people sets.
I think I got it covered with Toys for her. Good for me too cause I am done spending a fortune on toys that get played with for one week and then fall in the deep darkness in the back of the closet.


Thelma said...

when I was little I wanted a barbie dream home soooo bad. I was obsessed with doll houses. I never got it but I had a lot of really nice toys.

Iris said...

Yeah my favorit toy was this wooden dollhouse my dad built for me. I used to have the little Sylvanian families like the rabbit family,bear,cats and mice and they had little clothes and trinkets and they would live in my dollhouse. I loved Dollhouses. They were my fave! Maybe Ava is a chip off thee ol block.