Friday, March 5, 2010

Picnic at Livingston Park

So Monday was my last day of vacation so Gabe and I decided to buy lunch at the Italian Deli and go eat it at the park with Ava (since Parker was at School)

Ava had lots of fun
The re did Livingston park in my neighborhood. It is very arty.
Ava loves going down the slides
After we played a bit it was time to eat. I had a awesome meatball sandwich, a Lemonade by S. Pellegrino and some marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts. I also stopped by Babette's and got some little french tarts for dessert.
Gabe got a Italian sub. It was delish!
Ava was enjoying bites here and there
She liked the Funyons best
Time to play some more. She loves the swings
Look at that Happy Baby!!
Playing Peek a Boo...her favorite..she would pop her face out and Yell POP BOO
She found some sand toys to playwith too
I wanna swing again!!!
She was making motor sounds when she was on was too funny that she knew it was some sort of car
I'm outta here
Afternoon came quickly ..time to pick up Parker from School. It was Boy scouts day so he was wearing his yellow boy scouts shirt.
It was the perfect end to a much needed vacation!


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

How does she look bigger then Cambria? Thats crazy!! Cant wait to get the girls together..

Thelma said...

sounds like a perfect afternoon! Now I want Babettes! I remember when you 1st took me there and we had the French Onion Soup!!! YUM!