Friday, March 12, 2010

Garden and Tea Party

Right now is the becoming the perfect season for a Garden or tea party. The flowers are blooming, the air is fresh and the new life is born. I love to throw parties and if I had a garden..or even a backyard for that matter I would surely be hosting a beautiful garden party for my gals friends.

This is just a gorgeous garden here. Think of all the possibilities with Decor you could do!

There is so much you can do..something colorful and whimsical just brings so much cheer to the heart and can be a very pleasing to the eyes I would Love to have lanterns like this in my garden for a garden party..Kinda like a Mad Hatter Tea party
And looks at these wonderful cupcakes from LeCupcake. This would be so fun for a bridal shower or even a baby shower! If I had a garden I would host a garden party for all my family for Easter.

These are adorable as well
I would have beautiful china on lace table cloths with flower petals and all kinds of delicate pastries available. A Fountain of champagne and little finger sandwiches with fresh fruit and vegetable laid out in their bright assorted colors. What fun would that be!
I just love parties! If anyone ever needs help with ideas..let me know I have a Million Ideas!!!


Thelma said...

Beautiful! It seems like your inspiration was Alice in Wonderland! Man such great ideas! And I'll take some of your ideas for my Marie Antoinette party!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I can't wait for Cambria to be old enough for me to throw her a Fairy Tea Party bday!!!