Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday Night Poker

Friday night Gabe and I went over to Chris and Holly's house to hang out. Gabe's parents baby sat the kids at our place which is only 4 doors down.

Chris BBQ's a NY Strip Steak Roast and some chicken. He also made some baked potatoes.
It was soo good

As you can see this dinner met Gabe's Approval
We had a few bottles of wine between us and played a few hours of Texas Hold Em Poker and listened to the sounds of the 60's on the radio.
Holly was winning right from the start
Gabe never really played poker before but soon He came up on all of us with a swoop
Chris was playing it cool the whole night
The last bottle of wine Holly busted out was this Pinot was pretty good
Poker playing..It was toward the end of the night guess who won.....
After I pretty much took all the chips it was soon time to leave..Chris was started falling asleep at the table
We had a fun time and really I need to start playing some more poker.

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