Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Back to School

Yesterday was back to School Night at Parker's school

Anyways Gabe and I and the kids walked over to the school and they had a LOT going on.
The after school WRAP program was selling 1 dollar root beer floats, Francelli's was selling 5.00 spaghetti dinners and of course there was all kinds of soda's and bake goods sold by the PTA

Parker brought his razor scooter cause all his friends were going to bring theirs too and road around the playground
The class was finally opened and we got to check out Parker's desk, Talk to his teacher, and see his projects.
A project of his hanging on the wall
Parker showing us his animal report..most kids did lion's ,polar bears, turtles, dogs, rabbits...Parker's animal he did..a wasp.
Gabe had to leave right away to work so after we checked out the classroom we went to the school library and bought some books at the book fair. Parker bought a Poster with a jet fighter and air craft carrier,a Pokemon book, a Bad kitty chapter book and How to train your dragon.
The book fair became really crowded and insane we we hurried and got outta there.
I let Parker play for his friends a bit in the playground before walking home. There was a dj playing music outside and Parker asked me if he could go dance but he changed his mind..I wish he would have cause those would have been some funny pictures!


Thelma said...

thats so awesome! Parker is so proud of his work!

Julia said...

YES! Bad Kitty rules! I love that Parker chose a wasp for his animal report. A truly original kiddo.