Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vegas Vacation- Friday

Friday morning we got up around 9:30 and Vickie and I got ready for our spa appointment which was technically at 11:30 but we got thereat 11 so we could take advantage of the steam room and other amenities. The spa was gorgeous!! We met up with Loryn and Toni there.
First thing we did was go directly in the steam room. They had a bucket of Ice towels and cold cucumber slices so we laid for about 20 minutes in the steam. It felt so good. We then went into the lounge and relax on the plush furniture,warm fluffy robes, and had some refreshments that were offered to us. Soon I was called in for my relaxation massage which was wonderful! After I got out I was handed a bottle of cold water and sent back to the lounge where I was soon called into the next room for my facial. It was also very relaxing. The room was candle lit, I was laid down in a warm bed while the steam was put on my face and the old ragged skin was slouched away. After I had my facial I was immediately taken to the manicurist whom did a wonderful job on my nails.

When all of us girls were done we decided (since our men were out on a scooter ride at the hofbrau house view rally photos here) to hang out by The Tank(pool) and have a cocktail.
It was so hard to get a shot with the sharks in the tank.
It was a nice day with sunny weather.
I was so relaxed. After lounging Vickie and I went to a cafe top order some food to take up to our room. Shortly after we got there and I ate Gabe called to tell me they just got back from the Hoffbrau and they were all hanging out in the parking lot and to come join them.
Dirty Greg's Lamby!
We had to pick up our rally packs but the line was HUGE!!! Good thing I pre registered!
We hung outside while old Soul and Mod music was blaring in the parking lot and people had cocktails and beer in hand and cracking jokes and taking pictures. I mingled and spoke to a lot of friends and made new friends.
While hanging out we heard a big Thump and saw these two taxi's had collided. Thought I would take a picture.
I think this was Holly's 3rd or 4th Adios MF and she was getting bored and was starting to burn things from her rally pack. So we decided to go walk around,play some slots,have more drinks before the night event took place. We ended up skipping dinner cause drinking would suffice for now.
It happened to be Nascar weekend in Vegas as well so when we went to the night event at the Beauty Bar we got caught up in a big Crowd of people rocking out to FogHat that played a free concert on Fremont street. I really wish I could have taken pictures of some of the folks that were out there dancing..pure comedy!
We finally got to the beauty bar and mingled and hung out and socialized. It was a pretty cool place. There was even a gal there doing nails! Gabe had disappeared for awhile and I was getting tired so I headed back to the room to go to sleep.
One last photo of the guys before I head to bed. I got back to the room and completely crashed out...not to shabby of a day I must say.

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Thelma said...

wow sounds like such a great day! A lot going on! And man I love the pool area you guys were hanging out at!