Monday, March 15, 2010

Gabe and Chris Birthday Pub Crawl

Saturday evening was the night we all been waiting for! The PUB CRAWL DOUBLE DECKER BUS PARTY for Gabe and Chris's Birthdays. Let me just say this was the funnest night in a long time and I think everyone who went would agree. At one point it was being discussed how Patches should have been made for this event!

Ally made Birthday Cupcakes. The were Chocolate and Guinness cupcakes with a Whiskey Ganache filling with Bailey's Irish buttercream frosting. She had cute little beer mugs to top each one off and little shimmery green sugar glitter.
Holly bought Birthday crowns for the birthday boys but they would not wear them. At least we got them to pose with them...Here is Gabe's ..Chris was flipping off the camera with his hat on..Holly and I made a Big Vodka Jungle juice to take on the bus. It was some STIFF punch but very tasty. A few of us met at Chris and Holly's place then we all loaded up the wagon with the Jungle juice and cupcakes and walked to the bar where we told everyone to meet. I had my big whistle on so when the bus needed everyone to load up I could toot the whistle and Holly had a megaphone to round up everyone. I think we did pretty one was left behind at any of the few bars we went least so I heard.
At Gallaghers eveyone had some food and drinks and socialized for a while before the bus came to get us. Sean and Julia pictured above.
Jessie and Hillarie

Roland and Jennifer

Benny,sluggo,mondo and Peterson

Dave,Juliana and Boxer

Mike and Davina

Andy and Paul

The Bus finally arrived about a hour and a half later and So Holly yelled out the rules to everyone while I had the guys in Kilts load up the cups and booze on the busI ofcourse had to sit on top of the bus...we had the bottom filled too It was really windy up there. Me and Ally windblown head shots on the bus
We though Holly's megaphone would make a good beer funnel

Immediately everyone was hoot'n and holler'n at people on the streets and blowing the party favor horns. we were getting waves and honks and shout out from people on the streets as well.
Drink up. Everyone had a drink in hand

We had some good tunes going on as well and everyone was just having a blast

Andy was having fun with the party favors

Our first bar stop was in Seal Beach at O'malley's..More Drinks!!!

Greg and Maria
The Two bday boys with Benny
Mingling with the crowd. I wish I could have had pictures with everyone but there was just so many people that came
Back on the bus to another pub..Rich and I

I think everyone had too much fun with the party horns
This is after the 2nd bar and on to the 3rd

Loryn and Sara on the bus

Ok these pictures are just debauchery at it's finest..I don't even remember what order they are comments needed for these next few photos..

After we returned back to Gallagher's and the pub crawl was over everyone hug out for a bit and had cupcakes and for some more drinks and some had to be carried back to their cars. Rich invited us to go on his yacht for a nightcap but Gabe was so far gone that we had to decline. Gabe's brother drove Gabe home and carried him to bed, and Toni and I unlocked the wagon, and toted the Empty Jungle Juice container back home. It was a funny walk home. The wagon was rattling so loudly I told Toni to jump in the wagon and I pulled her about a block until I did not have the strength anymore. My leg muscles are still hurting.

It was a real fun time. Holly let us know about a wine tour that we do..were already getting another big group together to do that one sometime this summer! Good times!


Ally said...

Good times indeed! I'm down for the wine tasting tour...hopefully John and Kirsten can come along for that night!

Thelma said...

looks like a blast! Wow those cupcakes look phenomenal! nice touch with the little beer mugs!