Friday, March 5, 2010

Vegas Vacation-Sunday Bye Bye Vegas

The original plan was for us to stay until Monday in Vegas but I did not want to be apart from the kids that long so we decided we would all leave Sunday instead.
In the morning when I was packing up Gabe snuck downstairs to the Tank to go on the shark Tank water slide before we left (I really wanted to also but never got around to it)
We loaded our luggage up in the truck then decided to walk up and down Fremont street and poke around at the slot machines for a little bit before loading up the bike and leaving.

I had to take a picture of the scuba diver cleaning the shark tank
Gabe and I went the Mermaids (cheapy little Slot machine casino) and gambled 13 bucks. We got a bailey's and coffee and I played some Nickel poker and Gabe nickle black jack. We won our money back and decided to head over to the parking lot where all the scooters were and say our goodbye
One last Pose on Gabe's Lamby
saying Goodbyes
Loading up the scoots
Bye Michael and Loryn!!!
Josh was in a hurry I guess to check out and we were laughing at his wardrobe. He reminded us of the little mountain climbing yodeling dude on the price is Right game.
In the middle of the desert somewhere
I told Gabe and Josh (Josh followed us up on the highway) that I had to stop at the Mad Greek for a Gyro. I seen the Mad Greek featured on Diners,Drive-Ins and Dives and promised myself next time in Vegas I had to stop there for the Gyro and a Strawberry Shake so off to Baker we go.
There was SO many people there and the food smelled wonderful. Baker is probably the biggest HOLE. There are only beat up mobile homes and trailers scattered about, old tire shops and junk yards. There was some guy selling pit bull puppies out of a laundry basket in front of the Mad Greek. It is a pretty sad site to see.
mmmm Chicken Gyro!! I have to say it was really the best I ever had!
mmmm Strawberry Shake ..I would have to say it was the best I ever had. Josh's face is pure comedy. He did this on purpose since he saw that I had to add the picture of the shake for my blog.
After we ate we headed out for the long drive back to LA ahead of us. I think besides the 4 car pile up down the road we made pretty good time getting home. I was so tired. I was very Thankful that I took Monday off!

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