Monday, March 22, 2010

Giselle's Arabian Nights Party

The weekend started out great by first finding out Friday at work that I am getting a Bonus!!! The way the economy has been I was suspecting we would not get anything this year. I may invest in a new camera!

Later Friday evening Gabe and I had some cheese and crackers and Vino with Sean and Julia. It was a nice mellow quiet evening.

Saturday Night we had a 40th birthday celebration to attend for our friend Giselle. It was a Arabian nights them and it was such a blast. They had the backyard all decorated with Egyptian Poofs to sit on under lovely draped tents and beautiful lamps and candles. I loaned them by Hookah for the Party. It was a hit!

Gabe taking a puff of the hookah. We had Strawberry Kiwi tobacco in it. It was very tasty and smelled wonderful.
We had "hookah Condom" so everyone got their own tip and did not have to share
Josh, Shannon,Vickie and Holly at the party. There was lots of people to mingle with.
The Birthday Girl Giselle!
There was authentic Lebanese cuisine. The hummus was wonderful! There was also tons of vino.
Family under the tent relaxing
The Hookah section..It was really foggy that night so a lot of the pictures have this cloudy worked with the theme though
Then came the belly dancer
Giselle faces off...she certainly had done this before.
Time to get this party started!
And now for some snake charming
Us gals....
Gabe and Shannon and myself. I was refilling my vino! ( oh and yes this is Shannon Doherty)
She is super cool! I was surprised that she is the same height as me..She looks so much taller on TV.
We all kept ending up back by the hookah
Giselle and Franklin
Drinks,Chat and Hookah
We all went to sit by the fire for awhile. It was starting to get late. Time to wind down
We noticed we never sang happy birthday so At he end of the night we all sang happy birthday to Giselle
Gabe and I stayed a bit to help clean up after the party was over. I just love a good theme party and we got to take home with us a bunch of hummus and Cucumber Yogurt sauce which yesterday I made a bunch of Chicken Gyro's and used the sauce. It was incredible.


Thelma said...

So cool! Aw man you got to take a pic with Shannon Dorghty!

Retro Mom said...

yeah she was at the party. She is really a cool gal. Very sweet.

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

And she was there cause???

The Lawyer Mommy said...
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Retro Mom said...

The birthday gal is a rep for a photography company called Artmixphotography (they do a lot of celebrity photography and videos and etc in the entertainment field) and one of her photgraphers that she reps is dating her. He brought her along.