Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Class Time for all~

Spring is here so This means it is time to get the Long Beach Parks and Recreations summer class sign ups in the mail. I really need to look into what I want to sign the kids up for next season. I had Parker doing Horse Riding lessons last summer but this year I think I may send him to a Sailing or Music Camp. This weekend I am signing Ava up for Gymnastics/Tot Tumblers class starting in Mid April. It is great that the class is on Saturday too so I can take her. This summer I am going to start her in her first Dance class too.
Today Gabe is heading to the Boy Scouts of America Lodge also to have Parker set up with a new Troop for the summertime. Right now Parker does a Boy Scouts after school program but it is not like the Boy Scouts that do camping trips and earn's more of a prep class for Boy Scouts. I think Gabe would make a wonderful Boy Scouts troop leader.
I am actually considering probably taking a class myself this summer..maybe flower arranging or some sort of crafting class or a new language class or maybe even dance. I just need to find a buddy to do a class with me. I find it would probably be more enjoyable with a friend.
I would love to do some volunteer work to at the Nature center but I really value my weekends for family and friend time.
So many things to plan!


Thelma said...

yeah everytime I see that Rec booklet I want to do so many things but never sign up cuzz of schedule conflicts or procrastination. I want to learn French though that would be cool!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I want to put Cambria In Gymnastic's!!!!! But I can't find anything! What days is it? How much is it?

Retro Mom said...

we are going to do gymnastics on Saturday's starting april 17th and it is from 9:30 to 10:15. It is 50 dollars for 5 weeks.