Thursday, March 25, 2010

Need more Sleep

Since daylight savings had come upon us I just cannot adapt for some reason. They say that it usually takes 3 days before you can get caught up on the time change but I just can't do it.
I don't know if it is daylight savings causing this completely. I think it could be a mixture of things such as it has been super crazy at work, my bad eating habits, Ava having to sleep in my bed with me and being restless or that I been without my little fan that I usually fall asleep to now being broken and gone and not replaced as of yet.
I think it also be the fact that I have had so much on my mind to such as moving,getting rid of clutter,finances,my car being in and out of the shop,the crazy new neighbors that hang out on the streets all hours of the night and let their kids roam around the neighborhood without a care in the world and a constant worrying about my family and their well-being and those that will be moving away.
I just feel like there is going to be major changes coming soon in my life and hopefully it will all be positive.
Can my mind go on vacation now??


Julia said...

Deep breath. It's always hard to get started when you're thoughts are all a-jumble. I have to make lists or I totally forget important things and get sucked into silly things.

Julia said...

BTW, we haven't been able to adjust either! Too much turmoil in the brains.