Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vegas Vacation-Thursday Night

We arrived at the Golden Nugget in Vegas Thursday a little after 4pm. Once we brought in our luggage we met up with Drew (our Portland Oregon Friend) downstairs by the Nuggets Tank Bar. Before heading downstairs though we all had to make some drinks to take with us. (the first of MANY) We met some other people there from Arizona that were attending the rally as well.
I have to give props to the Golden Nugget..It is absolutely Beautiful!

Drew, Gabe and Josh
After meeting up we went out to Fremont Street to check out the scenery and we headed over to the Golden Gate ( That is where all the Scooter rally peeps were meeting up) to check who was there and grab yet another drink. Vickie and I knew those guys were doing something behind us during the picture!)

Myself,Vickie and Drew in the back
After we met up with a few people and discussed what our plans would be for the night we headed back to our hotel room to change. This is the club in the Golden Nugget. I had to stop and take a photo. There was this crazy guy that everyone was telling me to pose with but I refused.
Our plans was to head over to Liberace Piano Bar at Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens and listen to some music and have a few cocktails. Since there was 8 of us we took a Stretch Escalade. It was really cool. Our driver Ken even offered everyone a beer in his ice chest in the trunk for the ride up.
The place was really cool inside. It was full of twinkling lights and there was this twosome playing music in the lounge.
Here is everyone hanging out. Gabe encountered a Ghost in the bathroom. He went to the restroom and was straightening himself up while in the mirror and could here the toilet seat being lifted up and shuffling around in the stall..he looked under the stall and no one was in the restroom but him..when he walked out Josh was looking at ghostly photos of the place and then Gabe said the hair on his arms stood up. We talked to the bartendress and she brought out this book called Weird Las Vegas and there is a story on the Haunted Carluccio's.
after awhile hanging out we had called Ken to come back and pick us up but we checked out the museum for a little bit. Here is Gabe messing around with the Liberace cut outs
There were some cool photos and deco. In the Piano bar was the Urn of some of Liberace's Dogs and of his brother George.
Us gals waiting for the escalade to show up
Josh Messing with Drew.
The escalade picked us up and we headed back to downtown vegas to check out the Karaoke night scooter event and of course Ken offered beers for the ride back to the hotel. He was in a hurry to get us to the hotel so he can pick up another party and blew a stop sign and got pulled over so there we all sat in the car while our driver was getting a ticket.
After we checked out the show for a bit we were all starving and decided to hit this little cafe inside the golden nugget. What a better way to start curing that hang over then with spicy bloody Mary's before bed?
I ordered the eggs Benedict..and it was everything I could ask for. After we ate Gabe and I were so tired that we went upstairs to go to bed while everyone enjoyed a couple more hours out.
So far it was a fun start to the long but fast weekend.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Yay! I miss those good ole times! Cant wait to see more pic's!

Thelma said...

looks like a blast. Man I want some Eggs benedict. Now I'm hungry.