Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vegas Vacation-Saturday-Lots of PIX!!

Saturday morning Vickie had to take a flight back home so it was a day of just me and the boys (Gabe and Josh). We walked out to the Golden Gate parking lot where all the scooterist were hanging out and mingled for awhile but we only really had one mission in Mind and that was to EAT! We met up with Drew and he decided to come with us to breakfast so this is the start to a very long day...

At the Golden Gate they had a few Old slots about.

Interesting Bike on display at the rally. We went outside to go grab a cab to the peppermill since we knew we were most likely going to have cocktails in the lounge.

Gabe and I always make it a mission to stop at the Peppermill for breakfast when in Vegas.

After we ate we decided to hang out in the sunken lounge by the water pit fire

They were playing probably thee absolute worst video's known to mankind

Here we are thinking it could not get worse and each video was more terrible then the next

I ordered a Cherry Bomb before we hit the cab over to the Bowling Alley to meet up with Loryn and Dana.

We bowled 2 games and had more drinks. It was fun. The bowling did pep me up for a bit but SOON I was going to need a nap!

Cool Dean-O slot

By the time we were done bowling and hailed a cab back to our room it was Dusk already.

We got dropped off right when the fremont experiance was going on.

Gabe still with a drink in hand

So many fun neon Lights in Downtown

Infamous Glitter Gulch as all the guys say

We went back to our room and took a two hour nap before getting up and getting dressed up for the evenings event. We met up with Drew and Dana downstairs and decided to have dinner at a Teppen-yaki restaurant inside the golden Nugget called Lillies. First however we stopped at the Grotto for a glass of Vino.

We walked over to Lillies and were seated right at the Hibachi grill.

I ordered the NY strip steak and it came with soup, grilled veggies and fried rice.

Gabe had a combo of Scallops,Lobster and Filet Mignon.

The soup tasted great. It was light and savory.

Watching the Chef do all kinds of fun tricks while preparing our meals

There was Lots of quick chopping,fire and flying knives..pretty cool

The food was so fresh..How have I never been to a Teppenyaki style restaurant before?? I gotta find a benihana around here.

Drew and Dana..our hipster friends from Portland. soon Gabe and I plan to go out and visit there.

Loryn and Michael met us at the restaurant and before leaving to the night event we stopped at our room to have a cocktail. Here is Josh messing with Burns.

Crazy Guys

The place where the show was at was so awesome. It was at The Plaza in the Copa Room and usually they have a Rat Pack show going on there but tonight was OUR night. The Inciters performed. They were great I thought. Last time I seen them was Mod's Mayday 1999!
Inside the club we saw a bunch of friends that we have not seen in awhile..Lots of mingling!
Me and Vic!
Scooter Boys!
Look at Chris all dressed up for the Ball!!
Dirty Greg and TankTop
Mondo and Dean
After mingling for awhile one of my old friends from the Quad show I worked with happen to be in Vegas at the same time so we met her outside and hung out with her and her new Fiance.
We hung out for awhile at the Golden Nugget for a drink then I just could not even think anymore so we said our good byes and Gabe and I were off back to bed. it was probably the best sleep I got all weekend!


Thelma said...

You look so cute in all the pics!

Iris said...

HAHAHA Yeah I cut all my hair off!

John and Kirsten said...

Thats the most bizare bike I've ever seen!!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

You make me miss Vegas and riding! sigh...