Monday, March 8, 2010

There goes the neighborhood

It was suppose to be just an average Friday night. Home with the family , friends coming over to have some drinks and maybe watch a movie

Anyway Ally and I were having a glass of champagne and were outside talking at the end of my drive way and I noticed in my neighbors front bedroom window this like blue electric orb thing moving around in the dark room and I was thinking to myself hmm how weird...maybe it's a spirit Orb but when in reality I figure it was just one of those mini pocket flashlights.

Anyways later we were out in the front again and we were just having a convo when my neighbors rush across their lawn over to ally and I saying WE WERE JUST ROBBED!!

They said they had JUST got home and their whole house was flipped upside down. I told them that a little while ago I just saw a blue flashlight thing in that front window and we were outside and didn't see anybody run out of the house or anything and that Maybe they are still in their house. The neighbors also believe that the robber was in their house still too and were on the phone with the police. At that point Ally and I ran our asses in the house told Gabe about what just happened outside and locked everything up and within 5 minutes there were police officers outside my window with guns drawn. I whispered out the window to the cops to check my back laundry room area..hell if there were prowlers around right next door I am going to use those cops to check out building as well.

All of a sudden our street was blocked off, the helicopter was shining it's lights in the back yard and the whole block basically closed and the cops went in the house to search for the robber.

We all just sat on the floor (out of shoot out range) with the doors locked, lights out then about 15 minutes later I hear a cop whispering in my window.Hey you guys still in there and told us it was all clear.

They never found the guy. I have yet to talk to the neighbors to check to see what they had stolen if anything but it was pretty scary!

I think it's about almost time to move!

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Thelma said...

Wow no wonder on Friday we saw a helicopter just circling around. Man scary.