Thursday, December 4, 2008


So today I am going to the big Annual Paul Frank Warehouse sale.
Their company is right down the street from where I work and my friend used to be the merchandiser for the small paul line however they shut down their buisness and is now I think soley going to be doing childrens clothing only now. Anyway everything must go in their HUGE warehouse cause they are moving. They have the best kids clothing for like 3-10 bucks!! purses for like 8 -15 bucks, luggage,toys,towels,jackets,eyewear,belts,etc it can go on forever. It is huge and usually nothing in there for over 18 bucks!!
I cannot wait!
It is also open to the public tomorrow and Saturday but I am going to the friends and family deal today before the public comes ..My friend brought me 2 passes this morning!!
I can't wait now too cause I get to buy cute girl small paul clothes that i see every year but had no girls to shop for WOOT!!!
UPDATE* I just got back from the Paul Frank sale...I got some awesome stuff !. I think my best buy was the Paul Frank kids furniture
I got the Uroll for 49.00!! Usually 175.00..the Softy Table was 75.00 and the small paul Julius Pad a meesly 49.00!!
I bought Ava about 7 oput fits and Parker about 7 shirts and a package of boys underwear and a few other little xmas gifts for my baby cousins. for 135.00!! Not too Shabby

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