Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Chef

I am soo addicted to Top Chef...only real problem is that it makes me hungry every time I see it.

Anyhoo it just made me think how I need to dine at a few spots soon...

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion at Fashion Island- I gotta go back for the Salmon and the 1988 martini

Park Ave- I gotta go back for the wine dinners with friends

Del Rae- I gotta go back to try the table side Cesar salad and the Lobster Thermador

Caption Jacks--I gotta go for the crab legs

French 75- I gotta go for the Chocolate Souffle

Ok now I am hungry...Think I am gonna go for a second helping of Gabes Slow Cook Pot Roast and watch the new season of Top Chef!


Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

I LOVE top cheif!!! Who do you want to win. The european's are a tad annoying! Makes me want to go to a nice Dinner...

Iris said...

I like Leah. It is still too early though for me to decide who I want to win though.Ariane gets on my nerves!