Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Squirrel

Almost on a daily basis we have a little squirrel that cruises around the business area where I work and I see him over on the building across the way and running around at my front door ( my desk faces the front door and is all windowed so I have a nice scenic view of everything).

I always throw him nuts I have stashed away and always yell out "Theres my little squirrel buddy at the door".

Anyways I was surprised to see him out today since it is raining outside. I saw him dash by my door and through a puddle and up the little bushes at our front window than I glanced again and there he was perched on the top of the bush eating berries in the rain. LOL I thought it was funny just seeing him sitting there on the very top of the bush and Josh shares the office space with me and he was on the phone but grabbed his camera and handed it to me to take the photo.
I yelled at Holly from the other room to run over here and check it out..

I just love that squirrel he is so cute....Josh said I just wanna love him and kiss him and squeeze him.etc (like Elmira from tiny toons) HA!

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