Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So I've come to realize that I will not have a day off until the 13Th of December! I feel so worn out and stuck at work. I have so many responsibilities and feel that I simply just cannot catch up with my work. Every time I try and work on one project I get slammed with another one and all the meanwhile as I am working on mind numbing projects I am answering phones, answering emails, assisting co workers and having constant meetings with my bosses and overlooking the set up of the new building.

I am working all weekend at the IMS (International Motorcycle Show) in Long Beach from 7-7! Than all next week my boss is going to be in New York for a week and Than the following week Italy and than going on vacation until after the new year! Than another couple of employees are taking time off for the holidays. I don't know HOW the heck we are going to clear out our office that we are in now that is basically completely full of crap and be out by the 31st and moved into the new building. I just don't see it happening Especially over the holidays when so many of the staff are out.

I just hope and pray that my bosses see the hard work I do and consider me for a raise or at least some sort of gratitude for the hard work I do cause sometimes I feel that no one even notices.

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