Thursday, December 11, 2008

Under the weather

I have not been feeling well. I woke up this morning feeling a bit disorientated and dizzy. I had a red bull earlier and it helped a little but now I am feeling under the weather again. I don't know if it is stress,being overworked, or maybe I am simply just coming down with something. I missed my party last night due to unforeseen occurrences. Gabe ended up picking some steaks up and cooking us a nice dinner and I ended up passing out at about 8:30. Just like the past few nights.
I am really looking forward to my upcoming long weekends. I get the 24th,25th and 26th off plus sat and sun than the following week the 1st and the 2nd after sat and sun.

Holly was saying my sudden dizziness maybe from the fact that I been without my glasses which makes sense cause I really don't feel like a cold or flu coming on. Anyways I have a eye dr appointment for some new glasses on the 31st. Gotta get me some new Pradas!!

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Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

I was just saying I need to get new glasses too...Theres a pair of burberrys ive had my eye on...