Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Finally!

Today has been the marathon day.
My mom came over this morning and we went to the day spa and had all sorts of pampering done. Gabe bought her a day of pampering for Christmas and she never been to one before so I thought we would go together since my feet were in need for some massaging and other TLC.

After that she dropped me off and Gabe had cleaned the aquarium yesterday and killed all of Parker's goldfish so we had some errands to run. We got Parker a much needed hair cut and then took him to Game Stop to use his Xmas money to buy some games. We than went to the pet store to buy some fish and then over to Rite Aid to stock up on some batteries and other supplies than we went to Philly's best (awesome cheesesteak sandwiches) and than over to Holly's to borrow a movie. Anyways I just got home.

We put Ava in her Bumbo seat..which every time we put her in it she poops. I call it her toilet. Everyone laughs about it and says Well she will potty train pretty well than.
Anyways I took some shots of her in her bumbo seat playing with her favorite blankie I got her a couple weeks back. She always wants it and chews on it.

Before the blankie

Time to eat the blankie

Happy Baby!

How mesmerizing those pink and black skulls are

Drooling all over the blankie

So satisfied

What the blankie is gone..time to chew on my dress than

Parkers new haircut

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Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

Thats funny, Cambria always poops when she's in her Entertainer and it always goes up her back, lol. Lucky you spa day, I'd kill for that!