Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Henry's

So Last night we went to my uncle John's and Kirsten's house for Xmas before they left to Boston to go have Xmas at her family's house. I wish I had more photos of the rest of the family but with all the little kids and babies now it was rather hectic.

Kirsten made a nice table full of appetizers which were so good and desserts and wine.
We sat around the house talking and watching all the babies. Kelsey and Parker played all night hiding in s big Brown box in the back yard. Kelsey said "We're in space".

Ava slept most of the time and the twins were on and off sleeping and John Jr went to bed pretty early on.

Anyway we got some great gifts. It was funny cause Kirsten was talking about this wine that she loved but it was no longer around but Gabe and I found it and had it in a gift bag for her that she didn't know about at the time and then I had Ava sitting in John Jrs. Bumbo seat and I was talking about How I gotta get one and she had one for Ava wrapped up under the tree for her.

Gabe and I also got as a gifts a gift certificate for the Indulgence Spa for Swedish massages that I can't wait to cash in. I am gonna do it after the holidays.

I spent the whole day today doing my final shopping which I got time to wrap presents..

The kids

Little Lexi having a blast pulling her dads hair out


Kelsey making faces

Parker playing while uncle Alex gives him bunny ears

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