Monday, December 29, 2008

Making Reservations..RALLY TIME

So tomorrow I am gonna book our reservations for the Las Vegas Scooter Rally in March for the Tropicana!

Every one is booking rooms there so we might as well. I really look forward to this scooter rally every year. Gabe and I have been to the rally EVERY YEAR except for one and the reason for that was cause I was having a baby (literally having a baby born on Valentines day which was the first day of the rally that year). This March will be the 10Th ONE! 10 Years I been going to this rally.
The very first Vegas rally was the first time Gabe had ever been to Las Vegas.
Traditionally we would always book a room at The Stardust but now it is another classic gone to dust.

Anyways, I a still tempted to stay at the Hard Rock though...who's in with me for the hard rock??

A link to the coolest Rally! (Really it is just the coolest cause it is in Vegas)

The Stardust

A picture we took of the famous La Concha

I remember this picture well
It was about 11am and Gabe and I had just gotten finish having a big room service breakfast. We both were nice and full and had a tremendous Mimosa buzz. I put on my bathing suit and lounged pool side after just being in the 24 hour hot tub with the hot water fall. I was now laying out to dry as I had a smoke and Gabe said it was a great shot cause here I was poolside relaxed and having the Stardust sign in the background. He said it was classic.

The Tropicana

Vegas or bust!!


LorynM said...

I am so excited for this rally! I have been dying to go back to Vegas, seems like it's been a million years. So, did you get room at the Hard Rock? Michael and I are still thinking about where to stay.....

Iris said...

I Have not booked yet. You guys interested in maybe sharing a room at the Hard Rock? Ask Burnsey and have him give Gabe a call.