Saturday, December 13, 2008

Piaggio Christmas Dinner

So last night we had my company dinner party at Park Ave.
We met there about 8pm for cocktails first. Once everyone arrived we were seated and had the most delightful dinner. I wanted to share something pretty special with my colleagues so I brought two of my favorite bottles of wine for dinner.
We had tons of appetizers which the coconut shrimp ROCKED!
I had filet Mignon Medallions with roasted potatoes and fresh cut green beans.
We Had great food, good conversation and tons of laughs.
Later on the Chef came and joined us at the table for some chit chat.

Everyone was very happy and said I did a good job.
They all say that I always know where the good places are...and I agree!

Pre dinner cocktails

The boys having martini's

My boss and his wife
Holly must have taken this picture a dozen times but I kept shutting my eyes.
My boss was telling me to close them and when I see the first flash open them..
Another try
My co workers Sean and Peter (that is Peters girlfriend Sabina)
My boss his wife and my co worker Rafael
My co worker Josh and his wife Ampahn
Holly smacking the husbands around


Keith said...

Great pictures. Looks like everybody had a cool time. Cheers!

Iris said...

It was a good time for sure and some of the best martini's I ever had.