Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cat Vs. Wrapping Paper ...Cat 1 Paper 0

So tonight I am having a present wrapping marathon here and just as I was talking about a few blogs prior about Why is it every time I have something to do with Paper them cats come out of the wood work and start messing it all up.!!

There was seriously no cats around when I started I was thinking YES maybe I can get these done and be done with it quick and simple. NOT here comes one than the other an another..ARGH.

Tearing up my paper, crawling in the paper, back kicking the finished presents and the ribbon sheesh it is like a scratching post. The ribbon is a goner ....I'll admit it is pretty funny in the beginning now I am like DAMN DEM KITTIES

Jeep jumped right into it..she is thee worse

Spike checking out what he can get into

Here comes Shaggy to get in on some of the action

Jeep focusing on killing the paper

This looks like a good place to hide

This is cozy!

What I see ribbon over there!! I'm outta this place.
You must die ribbon...

Wise guy Eh?

Your dead meat!

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