Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dinner Plans...what to do what to do????

So I got the call this afternoon with the OK from corporate to organize a Xmas dinner for the staff. They told me the budget so I called my boss who is in NY and than going to Italy and let him know I received the OK. He is back on Friday in Cali before he leaves to Italy. He said lets do the dinner THIS Friday so that gives me 3 days (including tonight) to get a reservation at a place for Friday which cause it is last minute EVERYTHING IS BOOKED.

Let's see if I can pull a rabbit out of my hat this time!

Anyway on a Good Note I Got my Wild Heart Wine shipment from the club I joined while wine tasting! I think I will save it for Xmas!!


Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

yummmmm wine....I miss wine...

Iris said...

Well let me know when you are planning to have some again and maybe we can do dinner and we will bring a nice bottle