Sunday, December 7, 2008

IMS (International Motorcycle Show)

So I am completely Exhausted from the IMS show this weekend. I really feel like I was at a scooter rally. I was in charge of the Vespa scooter ride demos. Our Moto Guzzis and Aprilias stole the show though. So much fun and Mayhem all in one...however I am on day 7 of straight work and I got 5 more to go before I have a day off. I know Friday I am going to be having a hard time to roll out of bed. Anyway I forgot my camera and was just too busy to really take any photos except at the end of today..I stayed out of all pictures because frankly My hair was looking a mess and I had grime from exhaust smoke blowing in my face and also being beaten by hot weather yesterday than being wind blown today I knew they would not be good.
All in all the demos went ok except for the Shiver that got banged up from a demo rider that was not paying attention to gravel in the road, the other demo guy that got stranded on the side of the road cause he ran over a nail and got a flat tire and the gal and Vespa I had to pick up in the company truck to take to the hospital (which turned out to be home instead) after she collided with a Harley rider on one of ourVespa's...gads that's another story!! (witnesses say it was her fault)..anyways that's all folks I am going to BED!

The banner for the entry to the arena

Our Guzzi's after the last ride..We were already packing up

Our Display inside (it was three sided)

See I'm tired I already posted this pic..and I am too tired to delete it

Holly , Steve from NY and Sean Collecting our dealer plates off the demo's for me

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