Sunday, December 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

The past few days have been pretty busy for me. Having 5 days off from work is really nice and I'm am looking forward to the next long weekend next week. We don't have any plans really for New Years Eve. I really don't like driving that night. Anyways our neighbors are having a party and then a walk over to the Beach to watch the firework show at the Queen Mary. We are thinking about doing that. I told Gabe he should work that night cause he will probably make good tips. I also mentioned about maybe doing a board game night here with snacks and drinks but my place is still a mess from Xmas. We haven't been home really to clean it.

Friday we went to downtown LA to the Garment district. I had never been there before but I told Gabe I am definitely going back after pay day! It was so crowded. We than went to dinner at the Olive garden whch most people think is crap but I LOVE Olive Garden. I crave their salads.

Yesterday we stayed home and kinda relaxed around the house and went to our friends after Christmas Tamale party. Let me tell you they had some awesome tamales. They had a veggie one with mild green peppers, cheese and olives. I could go for one now. We wwere going to meet up with Carl later and do movie night but he called and said he is starting to get the sniffles and said he was still cool to do movie night but I told Gabe better pass until he is feeling better. I don't want us to catch any sickness. We have all been lucky so far (knock on wood)

Anyways here some some random photos from over the weekend.

Ava playing with her Tiffany rattle. She loves the taste of it.

Downtown at the Alley in the Garment disctrict ( by the way stuff there is NOT cheap)

Cute face

Ava and Holly at the party Last night

Chris and Boxer and Julianna hanging by the tamale table


Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

Hey there's Boxer! I haven't seen him in forever. I want to go to the garment district too, Im supposed to go to the flower market in the next few weeks.

Iris said...

yeah I am tempted to go to the garment disctrict this coming weekend again. The flower market is nice. I almost had all my wedding flowers arrangments done at the flower district.