Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

So it seems that it is going to be a pretty humble holiday for everyone this year. My mom is having plastic surgery and she decided that XMAS time was the time to do it I guess so she said everyone is gonna get a little gift from her. Than she has been bumming money off my dad having him pay for some of her surgery so he said he won't have much money. Than my brother has no job so that speaks for itself. Anyway, I am not expecting too much from anyone.

I however have been kicking some ass getting everyone gifts but I am thinking maybe I am spending too much money so maybe this year I will give a gift to everyone and a stocking.

I think maybe a stuffing full of small gifts maybe nice.

I got an email from the renaissance faire about discount tickets. They are only 12.50 a piece and my parents love going to that so maybe I can buy them tickets ahead of time. It beats the 20.00 fee at the time of the faire.

anyways these are just ideas. I already spent so much buying presents that I will probably just stick with what I got.


Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

Yay, I have that song on my myspace. What Is your mom getting done? Tell you brother he has twins and he better get a job! Ren faire tickets are a great present!

Iris said...

My playlist has a bunch of different songs everytime you come to my page. My mom is getting a chin lift...I don't know what you call it..when they take away the double chin.