Friday, December 19, 2008

Cupcakes, Cookies, or Cake anyone??

So last night Toni and Ally came over for a bit of wine and baking. We played music, Toni brought the Vino and I had a ton of supplies for baking your heart out. I think we had a little of a late start and though we were all pining away with our bowls of goo we realized we needed to start a system on who gets the oven first.

Toni made a chocolate cake

Ally made some chocolate chip and coconut and craisans cookies

and I tried to re create a fruit cake muffin recipe that my grandmother used to make (which it is more like a spice cake with the candied fruit in the middle)

I did want to try and make some fudge and rocky road bark and some other goodies but it got too late.

Anyways..we are no Betty Crockers that's for sure.

Toni showing off her shinny cake pan

"The Craisans like to be baked" (inside had to be there) I was quite impressed with this action shot by the way.

A finished cake

This baking powder almost got me in trouble

All done baking now for some boozing (this vintage apron makes me look 5 months pregant but my clothes were clean)

Just call me the muffin man errr WOman ( if you can't tell I can barley keep my eyes open I was so tired)

Gabe sneaking a cookie

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