Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 2 (Solvang Part 4 finale)

I was pretty surprised how early we got up on Sunday morning considering the full day we had previously. Since I got up so early I thought I would take advantage of our Jacuzzi tub in our hotel room.I gotta get one..It is so nice. Parker and Gabe even took a soak as well. Once we got dressed Gabe,myself and the kids walked over to Paula's Pancake House and had Kirsten and John and The kids meet us for a nice country breakfast. It was nice the sun was rising and the small of pancakes were in the air.

Gabe had to go to the bakery next door and get a local paper..He just cannot have breakfast without the morning paper.

Ava was in good spirits..she likes to be in the high chair at restaurants..she was being VERY smiley and Vocal

She loves to pound on the table too so I thought it was a good time to feed her her banana and yogurt breakfast

I had coffee,fresh squeezed OJ and Eggs Benedict..It was everything I wanted

The day before at the Gainey Vineyard Parker made a friend. We saw them at Gainey,and later that day in Solvang at a tasting room..than again Sunday at Breakfast time..they were hanging out for a bit his name was Daniel

After breakfast we walked over to the Christmas store..I love the smoking dolls

There was a lot for Ava to look at too. She loved all the little ornaments..Parker and Kelsey stayed outside hunting the rolly pollie's out of the flower uncle stayed out there to supervise

Gabe and Kirsten took the kids to the big toy store and my uncle and I went to the Antique mall..This was a really cool grandfather clock with Ships..I knew my dad would like this clock so I took a bunch of pictures of it for him to see

We than took the kids to the pool and checked out of our rooms. I wish I had taken some photos of them in the pool...I hate when I do that!!
After the pool there was a couple tasting rooms we wanted to visit. We went first to Presido because they also have Grape juice they produce and we thought it would be fun for the kids to get to try the grape juice while we had some wine..
Parker liked it a lot...Kelsey did not

The babies were having a good time together

We than went to Mandolino and did a tasting there than went to the fudge and chocolate shop and bought some sweets and headed to the Lavender farm..which WAS NOT in I just picked up some bath oil, a sachet and some mist. When we first got there the cat that lives on the premises was kicking some dogs was pretty wild.
Parker wanted to dig some of the lavender buds..

The smell was still nice!

After the farm we were going to head to Wild Heart (one of my FAVORITE WINERIES) but my uncle and Kirsten were done. Their kids were asleep in the car so they headed home but Gabe and I we were by far from being done. I think it was a little easier for us cause Parker is a little older.
Anyway Gabe and I and the kids headed to Los Olivos and went to Wild heart and spent a good time there having a tasting..They offer a chocolates and wine tasting which we saw a ton of people were doing. Since we had a bunch of chocolates prior we just did the wine with strawberries. Now this place is very romantic and their wines are very serious with rich flavors..almost a stand alone wine that would not go with food cause I think they will out shine the food..however I have had meat with them and it is still wonderful. Parker was getting bored so I told him to go walk around and take pictures of the place..Of course once he got the camera in his hands the first thing he wanted to take a picture of was Gabe's butt. (I didn't post that picture)

Another shot done by Parker...Not to Shabby

We than walked over to Scott Cellars (which wild heart recommended) We were glad we stopped by there. Now I am not usually a big white wine fan but his Pinot Gris was sooo good. I bought a bottle. Actually every place we went to have a tasting I bought a bottle from..cept Gainey cause the people there took to long to cash us out and we had to go. After we left Scott Cellars we saw another tasting room that was open so we had to stop there too. It was Daniel Ghers and it was not too bad..they had a few hot and miss wines..they had one though that we dumped cause we both thought it was BAD it was really musty and moldy smelling. At this point I was pretty buzzed and needed to EAT!!
Parker had fun there. They had a little play room.

He wanted to take a picture of this scene he created
We headed back to the car and went to have dinner at a HIGHLY recommended Italian restaurant called Grappelo's. It was fantastic. I went out to the car to change Ava and when I came back the waiter had a creme brulee dessert with a candle in it and two glasses of the Bubbly and said Happy Anniversary (which is today but Gabe is working so we celebrated it last night at the Italian restaurant..which I did not have my camera...grrrr)
We headed home and got home late (10:30pm) but it was totally worth it. All in all we got to do everything we wanted too ( Well besides pick Apples cause ME (dumb) realized they are not in season DUH) oh well gives me a reason to take the kids again.
There was a lot of highlights during the weekend and I really enjoyed my time there.
There was one moment when I saw a group of girls laughing with their glasses of wine out in the vineyard and they were all chatting and had sun dresses on and big hats and I thought..that's the ticket..I gotta have us girls do a girls getaway to Solvang..I think my gals are all in agreement..I can't wait to go back..which will be in June/July ..When the lavender is in bloom DAMN IT!

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