Sunday, May 10, 2009

The long weekend

This weekend started out pretty unpredictable. Friday night when I came home the kids from upstairs were over and there was havoc all over the house and really on a Friday from a long stressful week of work the last thing I want is a bunch of kids over making a muck of my nicely organized and clean home. So finally Gabe went to take his mother to the bus stop from baby sitting and took the kids with him so I could unwind a bit (thee best husband). Chris stopped by and was waiting for Gabe to come back and I decided I NEEDED a Lychee martini. Than Holly and Toni stopped by and I made them one as well. Well one martini went to another, and another and another... Needless to say I had a few and after awhile Holly had to call it a night than Gabe after awhile went to bed and toni and I stayed up and had some serious girl heart to heart talk....I remember than waking up on my couch fully dressed shoes and all with my glasses on...Now I drink but never like this..but I was Lucky enough to have no hang over.

Saturday Was MODS MAYDAY and I pretty much stayed and hung out at home and than we went to MOds Mayday SAT night..boy let me tell you from Mods Mayday 1999 to this year (10 years later) IT SUCKED!! Nothing like it used to be in the day..if a group of my friends were not there last night..I would have left and hour in to it.
Anyways here are a few pix..

Holly drove and me and Toni rode with her while Gabe,Chris and Jesse rode their scooters...we followed in the truck behind them..I could not get the best shot though

Granted these guys all look smashed but really this was the beginning of the night.

My hubby and I

This was after a few cocktails..shortly after we got "KICKED IN" to the club..we were trying to go outside and the neighbors were complaining so they made everyone come into the club.

I like this pix of the boys
We made the most of this night and ended it 3am with Del Taco. ah yes good times.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

what the heck is someone doing where a garciaparra shirt? That doesn't look like it did years ago when we went? haha

Iris said...

Oh man you don't even know! I swear just people walking off the street were coming in..there was only a handful of Mods all the rest were young skinhead kids and too much curves to be wearing skin tight hip hop dresses that think they are mods and a crap load of loud mouth was BAD. Mike Burns and Arnold and I were out in the front remembering what the one in 1999 was..and look at it now...sad really