Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Party

Yesterday afternoon we went to Vanessa's Birthday party and Glen's too.(hers was actually yesterday though) We had the best time there. We were greeted with Martini's and appetizers.

We than went outside in their backyard which was full of plants and trees it was really nice and ate out in the garden. There was good music and good company ..just all around good times.

Vanessa was in the kitchen making tons of food and glen was outside working the BBQ. He made some sausage links and Chicken Kabob. The chicken was FANTASTIC!

Parker was having fun inside

Time for food..there was falaffel, couscous, watermelon mint salad, macaroni salad, Grilled veggies, Green bean and tomato salad with Feta cheese upon load and load of more wonderful fresh and tasty exotic food

The Couscous with the asparagus was awesome. Vanessa's added carrots and dried apricot in it as well.

After eating we continued to have champagne in the garden . Me and Paula were having a blast.


Loryn and Paula...CHEERS~

Glen had some sparklers and him and Parker were lighting them

We have not seen Rich in awhile..this is about 1 hour before he was to open up his club that was going on last night. Ava was Crashed out!!

Somehow the parties always end up in the kitchen

Every time I take a picture of Michael looks the same...Same goofy face

Gabe and I had to leave the were tired and we had more plans later in the evening

When we got home Carl and Ally were on their way over to do Trivia Game night. Ally brought some fried chicken and some broc salad and a case of beer and we played trivia for about 3 hours on the Playstation2. Anyway it became another night of me going home at 3am..I am so glad I got a 3 day weekend!

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