Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunny Fields (Solvang Part 3)

On Saturday we stopped at Sunny Fields and There was so many photo Ops so I had to of course blog about the park trip.

This is the first time we ever put Ava in a park baby swing.She was ecstatic!

I caught Gabe playing on the swings too

Parker wanted to take a picture in the tower

Parker was off doing his own thing so we just put the smaller children in the swings

Ava was having too much of a good time

I love this shot of her little feet

Parker enjoyed the tire swing most..I was pushing him on it a little crazy and he didn't want to go on it anymore cause it was making him feel sick

This reminds me of Knott's for some reason

The rock climbing wall

Back to the swings
Time for more climbing
Gabe took Ava on the Slide

My Uncle took Kelsey on too..than it was time to go get ready for dinner

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