Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hollywood Forever

So the time has come for one of my favorite summer past times--HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETERY SCREENINGS~~

For YEARS I been going to these. I got my dad really into it too. Our ritual is to go to Trader Joes and buy some Vino, Some crackers and cheese and my mom makes sandwiches and a fruit item and we get our blankets and pillows and small candles and we all hop in my dad's VW bus and head over at about 5:30 to The cemetery. We usually have to wait in this huge line for the gates to open than drive in the tiki torch lined cemetery pathways. You usually see a BIG crowd of people rushing in with their picnics in a scurry to find a prime spot on the lawn to watch the feature. They have a DJ that plays music outside and people mingle and eat and drink until the sunsets and the movie begins which is usually a cult classic or just a classic. It is great to sit out in the open with your small group and picnic watching a movie outdoors. After the movie ends we pack up and head back to the car and the dj continues to play music. We usually don't even get out of the movie til about 11.
Anyway This Saturday is the First showing of Cool Hand Luke. I won't be making that one but I am just excited they have come back!!

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Ive always wanted to go, we should go sometime!