Saturday, May 30, 2009

Midnight Cellars Wine Dinner

So Last night we went to our monthly wine dinner at Park Ave. It was great. Only 10 of our party of 14 we reserved for showed up. The wine Host for the evening was Midnight Cellars.

Gabe and I walked over to Chris and Holly's place and met up with Mike and Karen and Toni and took a cab from LBC to Stanton.
We got there early so while waiting in the bar area The guys had beers..

Us Gals had water and soda
Ally soon got there ..I love the purple bar.

It was now time to be seated and move to the appetizers and Sangria being served out in the garden. For Appetizers they had servers walking around with silver trays of Salmon Tar tare (I was too chicken to try) Tomato Carpaccio ( cold tomato soup..It was really good) and a St. Louis Toasted Ravioli (also very good)..Now the Sangria was beautiful!! It was so delish!
The Guys

The Gals

After Sangria in the Garden it was time to move on to our seats inside. Sean finally showed up.
Holly wanted him to put his head under the lamp and read something as if he were at a hairdresser..that's the story of this pix

The first course was served with a chardonnay. It was a petite plate with a pinch of freshly cut Arugula from their own garden,Seared Tuna (just cooked on the outside edges raw inside) with a yogurt dressing and a little pita cracker for crunch ..It was good

Our next course was Osso Bucco. It was very rich and flavorful. Mike getting ready to conquer this battle

I caught Chris sticking his tongue out at Holly again..just like the last time

We had a lot of this time we just kept toasting to a bunch of different I got to get a shot of one of the many toasts

For Dessert they gave us Poached pears stuffed with Marscapone cheese with chocolate sauce..It was pretty gross ..I don't think any of us ate it.

Well It was time to call the cab to take us back. We could not end the night though just like that. We went over to Mike and Karen's house and had a few bottles,sang some Beatles and had lots of convo. It was a nice time. When It was time to go home ( 2:40am) Gabe had to throw Toni over his shoulder though and carry to her front door.

It was a fun night. I love the wine dinners. They have a special one coming up in June but it will be the weekend when we are on our family camping trip but we will have plenty more to go to.


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