Friday, May 1, 2009

Going to the Country

This weekend we are taking a family trip to Solvang and the other surrounding towns nearby. I can't wait to take them. My uncle Johnny and Kirsten are also coming with their children.
On the itinerary is a trip to the lavender farm ( where it should be in bloom right now) They have a wonderful old oak tree and just a lovely garden to view.
We than are going to stop for some Apple picking at the local orchards..there is also a place to go to pick nuts too.

Last time when Gabe and I were in Solvang for my wine tasting Birthday trip we saw the Coolest kids playground called Sunnyfields Playground so we are gonna pay it a visit..
Here is a little brief description I found about it online..
Sunnyfields Playground is an amazing playground with everything a child could want! It is a wooden castle playground with a little gingerbread house where kids can make believe they are in the kitchen baking cookies. There are shady spots like a little theater where kids can put on a puppet show. There are plenty of medieval towers, monkey bars galore, rope bars kids can balance on, bridges, a tube slide, rock-climbing wall, baby swings, regular swings, and a tire swing! The helm of a viking ship decorates one end of the playground. It will take a long time before your child will become bored here! My only request is for trees so that it is less hot and more shady at this lovely new park
Here are some photos of the park

We of course are going to do some wine tasting as well. I know a few wine tasting rooms that have tables that have puzzles, and coloring books and legos for the children to sit at while the adults do a little wine tasting. We also can have the babies keep each other occupied in the strollers too.
I am gonna have like so many postings this coming week of all the things we did out there.


nicole said...

Hi. You don't know me, and I don't know you, lol (sounds creepy, I know) but I found your blog off of my cousin's. Anyway, I live like 30 minutes north of Solvang, and I seriously recommend you eating at the Hitching Post in CASMALIA. It is literally the best steak, ever. There is one in Buellton too, 10 minutes from Solvang, but its not even close as being as good, since the Casmalia one is the
Original and is MUCH better. You seem like you enjoy fine dining, and as its kinda in the middle of nowhere, its a very surprising little place that's worth the extra drive, trust me! I know the family, and they definately know what they are doing. In fact, the website is and the # is 805-937-6151 for reservations. You will not be sorry! Sorry this is so long and random, but I read your blog all the time because I love your style and especially the vespas! You are so lucky! So think about going to the Hitching Post, or at least go to to read the reviews! Have a great day!

Iris said...

Thanks for the a matter of fact my uncle's wife just told me she made us reservations for the Hitching Post but I believe it is the one in Buellton..which I been to before and I loved it but my husband and I both want to check out the first one. We go pretty often (few times a year) and I think in a few months we will be going with a group of our "foodie" friends and will be minus the kids so I am gonna book reservations for the one in CASMALIA. Thanks for checking out my blog..I love to meet new people!!