Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today for Mother's day we went to El Dorado Park. We layed blankets out and got some gourmet cheeses,crackers,hummus, pitas bread, fruits and wines. I Brought 3 wines from my wine tasting trip and we found a nice spot under the tree and by the pond to have our little picnic.

My mom and Ava settling in our spot

There was a lot of ducks,loons and geese upon many other birds..the geese were rather friendly despite their bad reputations

This was the first one, than two more came up and we lured them away with some bread cause they were eyeing our picnic

It was a nice day

There was so much for Ava to look at..I had to put on her little duck dress since we were going to feed the ducks today

Ava saw all of us picking stuff up and eating it so she had to join in and pick up some zucchini..she liked it

My mom

Gabe made Parker a paper did not sail to well..We should have used newspaper

For Mother's day my mom bought me a Baby Jogger..I LOVE IT!!!! does Ava we went for a walk around the lake

Gabe and Parker were cute making paper boats and sailing them in the lake together

My brother and Jess were there too with the twins

Grandpa and Logan
Lexi was having fun walking around

The Sun was in my eyes and Parker was to busy playing with his foam airplane

My family

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