Friday, May 1, 2009

Fine Dining at it's best

Last night was the long awaited wine dinner at Park Ave. It was theee best time and the food and wine were brilliant! Chris and Holly came with us, it was their first wine dinner..I think we may have converted them and they will be back for more wine dinners. I can only hope we get more friends to come out with us. We usually would get like a party of 12.
The wine host for this event was Chandon (basically of Moet Chandon champagne)

When we arrived we were seated in the bar. I took a picture of the lightfixtures..I just adore them.

We than we showed our seats in the private dining room and escorted to their beautiful garden area where they had bottles of champagne opened and appetizers were passed around down a little meadow in the garden area they have a vegetable garden where they grow their own organic veggies they use at their restaurant.
I love this picture of Gabe in the garden area.

After appetizers in the garden and a few glasses of champagne it was time to move inside..but not without a picture of me and holly on the bench in the garden

Our table looked beautiful ..we even had little gift bags left at our place settings from Chandon..It was a cool note pad and pen and a folding corkscrew


This is us waiting on the 2nd course I believe..Oh man the food was wonderful!

I think I one point we could not drink anymore wine..we were smashed! I had to take a picture of this..we were discussing something really funny about sex but I can't even remember it now but Holly said something and this was Chris reaction..HELL_AIRY_US

At the end of the night one of the reps from Chandon thanked us all for coming and let us know if we wanted to purchase any of the wines there was some there available.

After the dinner we stopped and spoke with the Chef David Slay whom we are well acquainted with and told him how we were wanting to get a group of us together and ride our vintage vespa's up but we need an Italian theme dinner. He said YES that is a fab idea.
Anyways the night didn't end at Park Ave..We went back to Chris and Holly's and there is this vacant mid century apartment building complex that is abandon across the street and we basically with some bravery of the vino went over there and went inside to check it out. The Pool is empty (which my husband says he is taking his skateboard there and going to skate) the doors were all unlocked and each apartment was empty with rusted old light fixtures,rusty water heaters, paint splattered carpets, plastic hanging looks as though someone meant to fix it up but must of had financial despair and just abandoned the building...we did hear a dog barking from one of the apartments on the 2nd level..which for all we know is the owner ..It was pretty creepy checking it out at night..if they fixed it up though that place would RULE!

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