Saturday, May 16, 2009

WIne and Cheese night

Last night Was another great GIRLZ NIGHT!! We did a new theme this time around..Wine and Cheese night!
I had 5 bottles of wine, Steamed a couple artichokes and had a sun dried tomato pesto torte and a box of chocolates.
Ally brought 3 bottles of wine, Some little toast, cheeses,hummus and some chocolate covered strawberries.
Thelma brought some more little toast and a bottle of wine
Holly brought over some Hummus,olive tapanade and some triple cheese flaky appetizer things and pita bread from Georges Greek restaurant on 2nd street and a bottle of wine
And Toni brought a bottle of wine and some Salami's.
So as you can see we had a TON of wine and tons to eat. Gabe went out with Holly's husband Chris to the bar so we had our personal photographer (Parker) do our girls night photo.
It was a pretty late night for us. Gabe came back and passed out on the floor , Toni crashed on my couch and ally left at 3am and I went to bed...So I am blogging now to make up for Friday night.

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