Monday, May 4, 2009

Ostrich Land -Solvang Trip Part One

So we kicked off our trip to Solvang with a stop at the infamous OSTRICH LAND. I must admit I had a blast and so did the rest of the family. We decided to stop since my uncle and Kirsten were running a little late behind us for our meet up in center town Solvang .

Inside the store there was a lot of ostrich collectibles items, like decorated hallow Ostrich Eggs,Feathers,stuffed animals,clothing,purses and they had a freezer of Ostrich meat all packaged up.

We bought some feed to feed them with and the first stop was to feed the baby Emu's..they were really cute

We than walked down to the Ostriches that were awaiting for someone to come and bring them some food..they were pretty kept hissing at the others ones to get away from the food.

He got all flared up too to chase the females away

We feed the bigger birds a lot so we bought more and went to feed the adult Emu's

These guys were a little easier to feed

These guys were not much different than the Ostriches cause the males would hiss and nip at the gals too

I just love their big eyes

There were so many squirrels too hanging around..they were eating the left over pellets..there were so many squirrels here this place should offer peanuts to feed to the squirrels as well. They come right up to you and they just lay right there in the pathway of the birds.
We saw a hawk flying around too...Gabe said "Man if that hawk picks up one of those squirrels and flys off with it that is gonna make my whole weekend"...(luckily it did not happen)

Every time the Birds would stretch their wings Ava would bust up in laughter
A whole flock of them came over to us and were doing it

The group of Ostriches

I had to feed them too of course
Parker had to go back for one last feeding to the Emu's ..I think he liked them best

On our way out I had to get a shot of the Ostrich rules..Plus it is pretty awesome those feathers in the background that makes Gabe look like he has a ton of hair

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Yay!!! Ostrich land!!! We went there along time ago! I liked the Emu's..