Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Carl!!

Today I took my float day at work to take Carl to Disneyland for his birthday. Carl turned 42 today and has not been to Disneyland in 24 years(since Grad Night). Gabe got the day off too so we had called Gabes mom to come sit the kids and we spent the day at Disneyland. It was great cause we were able to get on just about EVERYTHING in the first few hours. We stopped and had a huge lunch at the Pizza Port place in Tomorrow land and went on a few more rides than we went to Downtown Disney to take Carl for a few rounds at the JVA BAR. I had 3 martini's and felt pretty buzz and Carl rarely drinks so he was pretty buzzed too. We went back to the park and did splash mountain and a few more rides. The day was a blast..earlier in the day though I did go off on some teenage girls but I could not help myself. (Note) I was not drinking at the time and it was mid day when this happen.

Anyways what had happen was we went on the haunted mansion and this big group of teenage girls were there and SCREAMING and yelling the whole entire ride where you could not hear ANYTHING in the ride cause they were so loud and obnoxious. Anyway we were like man they totally ruined the whole ride. When it was time to exit a mother and her child( little 2 year old girl) that was behind us but in front of them went to the cast member at the exit and complained about them and stopped them to tell them how they ruined their whole ride (ours too Granted) and the mom was holding her like 2 year old daughter in her arms. I was mad cause I saw the mom confronting them with the cast member there and the teenager girls were talking all this crap when they were exiting like "I will smack that women and her daughter."."how dare her to say to us to shut up "and that set me off and I turned around and said YEAH YOU DO NEED TO SHUT THE HELL UP!! and it startled the girls but it just angered me so much hearing them being smart asses saying how they were gonna smack some women and her 2 year old daughter. They just looked at me and hurried off without saying anything. NOW I AM SOOOO not the person to jump in but UGH it pissed me off so bad. Anyway that was my interesting tid bit of the day.

So here's some pix..

Gabe and Carl ( they were high school buddies and me and my husbands first roommate)

Gabe at the exit of Indiana Jones..Carl had left his glasses and hat in the pouch..lucky for us we were the last riders before the ride broke down for an hour

Me in the Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin (which broke down before we got on)

We saw this cool bird in the trees by the tiki room..Gabe thought it was a kingfisher but some other dude said it was a nighting gale (sp?)

Me in the shadows

After a couple drinks in downtown Disney on our way back to the park..Carl wanted to pose by the mannequins

The last 3 people in the back was gabe,me and Carl on Splash mountain..could not see it too well
Good times!!

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