Monday, May 4, 2009

Solvang-Part Two

After the Ostrich Farm we went to get a Table at Shelby Ranch to get a bite. (Shelby ranch by the way is open Friday, SAT and Sun. Everything on their menu is 1.oo and 15% of each bill goes to the Shriner's Children's Hospital. The food is always good and for a dollar!! After lunch there it was off for a quick wine tasting at Lucas & Lewellen (which I am a member of so it was free tastings) It was really cool too cause they have a kids table with puzzles and games for them to play so Kelsey and Parker were occupied pretty well.

Afterwards it was back to the cars to go to Lincourt Vineyard but not without getting a picture with the big Clog!!
Here is Kelsey and Parker

Kirsten joined in on this shot

I think Ava was comfy..before going to the vineyard we stopped by the toy store to pick up a toy for the kids to play while we went to the vineyard

When we arrived to Lincourt the kids were overlooking the grape vines..I got my shot too late..there was a great one of them that I think Kirsten got

Lincourt was great they had a big lawn area and a laundry basket full of toys.
Lincourt did our wine tastings right in front of the window so we could see the kids playing in the yard. We had some really nice wines..Kirsten joined their wine club..
Here is a group shot in front of the barrels
After Lincourt we headed to another Vineyard..We ended up at Gainey..they were ok.
The kids were very well behaved

We than stopped at Sunny Fields (See Solvang part 3)

After the park we checked in our hotel rooms and than headed for dinner which we had reservations at the hitching post. We had late late reservations and we were all exhausted..the kids fell asleep at the table before their food even came. My food was AWESOME! I ate every bite.

ZONKED..time for bed..which we did immediately when we got back to our hotel room.

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