Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Today we had a early rise and packed up for the Renaissance Faire. We go every year and I always have the best time. I took so many pictures !!

I love looking at the set ups when you first walk in and seeing them through the faire

Ava was very stimulated...she didn't cry the whole day she was a perfect angel!

Sometimes we dress up but I didn't this year..but I do always have to have a head piece on!

I bought this little bird nest hair piece today to go with my collection

I than of course had to get a little flower piece for Ava ..we tried alot on til I found the one I liked best

I choose this one because it had ivy leaves in it too and was very Fluffy!!
Ava was stopped and cooed at by SO many people at the faire cause her little head piece

We were meeting Josh and Vickie and Evie there but they were running a little late so we had to stop for Cider and Ale and than watched a show until they arrived

Vickie and Ava's BFF Evie


Josh being warned

Parker is on this huge kick with Lizards..after holding this guy and the monitor giving Parker kisses he wants one

We bought Parker a wooden AXE and SHIELD..Gabe and Parker were at battle

Parker had a lot of fun..he was talking with everyone

After a few ciders and shows we headed towards the joust but Josh could not resist himself when he saw the big Jenga blocks..he played against 2 ladies

This was the one that made the tower come tumbling down...He actually got a pretty big crowd watching this was really fun to watch

There was so much food and stuff to buy..Ava loved these puppets

Parker off to battle the dragon

The dragon made growling was cool

There is this little fairy store and of course I had to take pictures of Ava before we left..however she was really tired so I could not get the shot I was really wanting.

More shots

Than the drum parade started to come by so at this point I gave up

The sun finally was coming down and Gabe and I were starved so we went to Dipillas and had a rather rushed dinner cause both kids were tired and cranky and making us insane..

It was a nice year we are going all out and gonna dress up..It was funny though Josh said we should all dress like star trek like the episode when they time travelled and ended up in the Renaissance period LOL!!!

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Thats too funny!!! I WISH we could have gone to that one. The one we went to was by his work and some guy's that work there gave all his work free tickets. It's much smaller and hardly anyone there. The people aren't in theme as much with there word's. But It was still fun. Hopefully next year we can go.