Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too quilt or Not to Quilt

So I been looking online getting some quilt ideas cause I am really considering making a quilt for Ava, Than Parker, Than myself..well let's just say I want to make some quilts.

My mom got Ava a cute little Hawaiian one but it is small...We get a lot of traffic through the living room so I want to make a BIG one I can lay out on the floor for her to crawl on.
Anyways Here are some cool photos of some quilts I found online.

These are Small ...I kind of like the eerie ness to them..These are not as traditional as I would like though

This one seems easy enough to make

I LOVE this one with The fancy Poodles!! See I may make something more like this for myself

This is cute

This is neat you can slide photos in it..this would be a really nice keepsake

This one is cool too cause you can slide artwork,letters and pictures

Maybe I will make one but have a bunch of Vespa's !!! Yeah that's the ticket!!